Dear Festival Choir Singer:

Below you'll find info and resources that may be helpful to you in your personal preparation for group rehearsal. You'll find some info about our three massed choir pieces, YouTube links, and MP3's.

Please note that the MP3's are very "robotic" and generally are at a slower tempo. They were created using a music notation program. Our performances will be at somewhat faster tempos and we will, of course, ritard at ends of pieces and so forth.

Questions? Please let me know at kyle@4kyle.com

We're almost there. Looking forward to making music with you. SOLI DEO GLORIA!

Kyle Haugen, Artistic Director


Now Thank We All Our God, arr. John Rutter

Please note: Like "A Mighty Fortress," this hymn has two versions in wide use. This is the rhythmically "smooth" version. Most LCMS Lutherans know the "rhythmic" or more syncopated version. Many other Lutherans, and virtually all Christians outside Lutheranism, know the "smooth" version. We hope that Lutherans will invite their friends. This may be the hymn during the service with which they are most familiar. In addition, John Rutter's setting of the "smooth" version is a classic.

We will perform this with organ accompaniment only. We will begin 2 measures before your second line of music, with the clear statement of the chorale melody in the organ. We'll go over this at rehearsal.

YouTube (note: we will perform with organ accompaniment only)

MP3 downloads

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross, arr. Gilbert Martin

This piece is essentially one long crescendo! The "theology of the cross," so central to the Lutheran witness to the Christian faith, inspired the selection of this well-known hymn for Northwest Reformation 500. This setting is a classic and the late Weston Noble, who conducted at Luther College in Iowa for approximately 50 years, made this one of his signature pieces. My interpretation will be similar to his, as seen in the YouTube videos (same conductor and organist in both, recorded several years apart). Tempo will be more similar to the massed choir recording.

YouTube (massed choir)  | YouTube (Nordic choir)

MP3 downloads: To avoid gaps with silence, all parts present in each file, but each voice part receives focus (louder volume) as indicated.

Grant Us Thy Peace (Verlei' uns Frieden gnädlich), by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

We will sing in English. Solid English-language recordings with piano accompaniment on YouTube are harder to find, so the recording below is auf Deutsch.

Mendelssohn, like Bach, also worked in Leipzig. Mendelssohn was there about 100 years later, and we have him to thank for "discovering" and promoting Bach's music. Some call Mendelssohn the "other Lutheran composer." See this page for more.

YouTube (in German; we will sing in English)

MP3 downloads: To avoid gaps with silence, all parts present in each file, but each voice part receives focus (louder volume) as indicated.