New YouTube channel & greetings from Germany


Northwest Reformation 500 has a new YouTube channel! Be sure to bookmark us here and take a moment to become a subscriber. After 100 subscribers, we can obtain an easy-to-remember YouTube channel address!

Our first Northwest Reformation 500 international greeting video is from Weimar, Martin Luther’s “home away from home.Mira Cieślak, an organist from Poland who works at a nearby Lutheran church, sends her warmest wishes to the Pacific Northwest for our celebration of the Reformation coming up October 29. Plus, on your way to Weimar, you'll “fly” over the world map “Indiana Jones Style” and briefly learn about a notable American Lutheran.

In the coming weeks, more international greetings, local videos, and interesting playlists will be added to Northwest Reformation 500’s YouTube channel. Check out the playlist from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, with 22 short videos about how the Reformation impacts us today.